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A custom fiberglass manufacturing company.
We are a member of the C.F. Maier Group, serving the american market.

Commercial vehicles and mobile homes


We manufacture fiberglass parts for all kinds of trucks, coaches, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and boats.

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Environment and water management

Environment and Water Management

We have specialized in the production of covering systems for over 40 years. You will also find recycling containers and street furniture components in our product range. Due to its corrosion resistance, fiberglass-reinforced plastic is ideally suited to withstand the effects of weather over the long term.

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Architecture and artwork

Architecture and Artwork

C.F. Maier Composites manufactures custom fiberglass stealth covers, which are used as cellular antenna covers and made to match existing structural design. We work with designers to create lasting pieces of artwork for any type of project.

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Aquaculture and tanks

Aquaculture and Tanks

We manufacture tanks that are durable, rust-free and easy to move. They come in various sizes and with several extra features and offer optimal durability, low weight, and corrosion resistance.

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Customized products

Customized Products

The adaptability of fiberglass allows us to create pieces with virtually no size or design limitations.

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