Environment and Water Management

We have specialized in the production of covering systems for over 40 years. You will also find recycling containers and street furniture components in our product range. Due to its corrosion resistance, fiberglass-reinforced plastic is ideally suited to withstand the effects of weather over the long term.

Waste container at a freeway service area
Glass container
Containers for different types of recycable material
Recycling containers ready for deployment
Recycling container color schemes


Recycling systems are an integral part of the C.F. Maier product range. We offer different types of recycling bins in different shapes and sizes.

C.F. Maier has been producing plastic recycling containers for over 40 years, and correspondingly our products have been used successfully in many cities for several decades.

All our containers have been styled by recognized designers and score points not only for their functionality, but also their looks.

Cover of a screw pumping station
General plan of the cover systems for a sewage treatment plant
Precisely fitting assembly: placing of a preassembled dome
3D visualization of a collection basin cover
Cover system from C.F. Maier on pools with 32 meters diameter

Cover Systems

We have over 40 years of experience in the field of large-area covering systems made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin. We offer numerous modular system variants, as well as special constructions.

Our protection and closure elements are suitable for applications such as tanks, silos, large containers, or conveyor systems. To ensure economical and cost efficiency, we offer numerous modular system variants of our products. Special constructions, such as non-round covers, are easily done.

Please see our brochure “Covering Systems” for detailed information.

As part of project management, we offer support in your selection of the right type, construction, static calculations and approving the building dimensions on site. Our experienced teams also takes care of the final installation on site.

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