We manufacture fiberglass parts for all kinds of trucks, coaches, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and boats.

Off-road dumper from Hydrema
Vehicle with high roof and observation cabin
For Mercedes-Benz, C.F. Maier manufactures, among other things, seat shells made of polyurethane
John Deere 6155R in operation
Driver's cab of the PistenBully

Commercial Vehicles

We manufacture an endless variety of fiberglass parts for coaches, trucks, agricultural vehicles and boats.

Coaches and City Buses

We manufacture outer body parts in the form of large-format fiber-reinforced duroplastic parts and polyurethane components for the coach interiors.


C.F. Maier manufactures both interior and exterior paneling for trucks with a high surface quality using the robust and weather-resistant GRP material.

Construction Machinery

For construction machinery, C.F. Maier manufactures components for the exterior paneling in the form of large-scale fiber-reinforced polyester parts and molded polyurethane parts for the interior.

Agricultural Machinery

C.F. Maier manufactures robust outer body parts for agricultural machinery using GRP – a material with is both age- and weather-resistant. We produce linings for the interior using foamed PUR.

Special-Purpose Vehicles

C.F. Maier manufactures plastic outer body parts and interior paneling for various special vehicles such as forklifts, ambulances, snowcats, and more.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class is transformed into a vacation vehicle by the addition of a sleeping roof
Hymer RV
SCA pop-up roof: Painted roof shell, fabric bellows and gas struts in detail view
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with SCA high roof
Mobile home «Sonic» by Adria

Mobile Homes

Outer body parts for mobile homes are one of the C.F. Maier’s main production areas. We manufacture vehicle fronts, engine hoods, rear panels, roofs, and much more.

The components are mainly made of polyurethane foam – and some are fiber-reinforced. This material allows for a weight reduction of up to 40 percent when compared to other plastics – without any loss of stability.

The sandwiched construction with a PUR foam core also is advantageous because cables, hoses, pipes, furniture anchors, and other wood, metal, or plastic elements can be embedded in the component and are therefore not visible later.

C.F. Maier brings around 35 years of experience in the field of motor home roofs to the table. Under the SCA brand, we produce and sell high-quality pop-up roofs and high roofs for many car brands and a wide range of basic vehicles.

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